Horizontal Baler



The workhorse of the baling industry, Max Pak Horizontal Closed End Balers will bale multiple products, utilizing multiple settings for proper bale size, weight, and compression.  These balers are available in 25 different models, so there is sure to be one that fits your needs.

  • Bales multiple materials without advance preparation
    requiring fluffers, shredders or perforators
  • Bales high grade paper, OCC, plastics, and all
    non-ferrous materials
  • Extended penetration of ram to within 6 inches of
    packing wall defeats memory of plastics
  • Wide mouth feed opening prevents jamming
  • Bales up to 5 bales per hour P.E.T. bottles
  • Packing force up to 190,852 psi
  • Available in 3 configurations