Vertical Compactor



The Accu-Pak is the industry’s largest, fastest, and strongest vertical compactor designed for restaurants, motels, grocery stores, apartment complexes or other places where installation space is limited. Its versatile patented 4-1 head design is the only vertical compactor in the industry that can be configured for front, rear, left or right feed in the field. The Accu-Pak’s powerful 5 horsepower motor is larger than competing models and increases equipment life cycle. Fast 20 second cycle time increases productivity and is up to 50% more efficient than competing models.


  • Quick 20 second cycle time
  • 18” of ram penetration and over 28,000 lbs. of ram force ensure maximum compaction
  • Patented 4-1 head can be changed to feed from front, rear, left side or right side
  • Full container light alerts you when trash is ready for pickup
  • Magnetic interlock prevents the compactor from operating if door is open or container is not properly in place
  • Low temperature oil feature works well in hot or cold climates
  • Driver light is illuminated when it is safe for the hauler to remove the container
  • Built-in container stop prevents the container from “walking” during compaction
  • 3-1-1 warranty is a 3 year structural, 1 year parts and 1 year labor warranty
  • Primed and painted in several colors


  • Chute extension
  • Loading platform with safety rail
  • Through-the-wall installation
  • Thermostat oil controlled heater
  • Automatic odor suppression system
  • Biodegradable oil
  • Single phase 220 volt or 110 volt